Worm Farm / Composter + FREE Worms & Coir Brick

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Receive a FREE worm starter bucket as well as a 500g Coir Brick + FREE Shipping anywhere in SA!

Shipping note: 
Worms are not shipped from the middle to end of the week as we do not want to risk them being caught up on a courier warehouse over a weekend, as a result, we only ship worms earlier in the week, so if you order from Wednesday onwards we will only dispatch your order early the following week. 

3 Tier Worm Farm Box set Incl Tap 
Ideal for home garden worm farming & composting.

The Worm Farm includes:
 3 Stackable Layers with drainage holes
2 Worm Hotel Layers
1 Worm Tea Collection Tray with Drainage Tap.
* Order this month & get a FREE worm bucket...

You can buy worm buckets containing 250 / 500 & 1000 worms. To order additional worms - CLICK HERE

This worm farm is ideal for dryer environments such as inland South Africa & the Highveld as it retains moisture quite well which in turn requires less frequent watering and maintenance. 

We also include a FREE Starter Guide info sheet with all the info you need to start, grow, maintain and troubleshoot your worm farm,

Technical Specifications:
Material: Injection moulded plastic 
Dimensions: 70cm (L) x 60cm (H) x 40 cm (W)
Max Load: 75kg
Colour: Black